Direct Foods USA has been my worst experience


Not only did the food make me and my husband sick but trying to get them to pick up the food under their guarantee is next to impossible.

We mad phone call after phone call for them to pick up the meat. Was promised by manager for them to pick up the meat but turned out to be a no call, no show. Two days I stayed home waited for them

The people you deal with at the not so local office are totally inept at customer service.

Arguing and yelling at the customer does not make for good dialogue.

Please don't be a fool like me and do not purchase from this company if you value your stomach.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #877178

Direct USA doesn't even sell food in Miami? No location even near Miami!

to Steve #1082031

mmmmm...Must have shut down in West Palm Beach, eh Steve?

Or did you get shut down? Must have been one of your burnouts doing a roadtrip.

Orlando, Florida, United States #600987

These two guys came to our house selling meat, they were nice and were trying to get the last 2 boxes off the truck and he would get a "bonus"...needless to say they got $355 out of us and won't return our call to take it back and of course there is absolutely NO phone number. I wish I would have had my phone to look them up beforehand.


VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA about 2:30 pm 11-15-11

Today I saw a red Ford Ranger driving down to my neighbor's house with a chest freezer in the back. I know my neighbor Ben does scrap metal and all of us look out for one another. So I walked down to his house to see if they needed help unloading it for him. A few guys were hustling me for their meat and I declined.

One guy in his late 20s asked me if I had "Xanibars" (read: Xanax for illegal usage). I said no, but I offered him a cigarette and they left.



Monday 5-9-11 a guy enters out shop with the extra case of meat from a delivery. Tries to sell it.

My boss and I asked him to leave which he did.

Thursday 5-12-11 at home the same thing happens. The whole ting screamed SCAM!!!


Two men come to my house and tryed to sell me meat when i told them i did not want the meat the next man come out of the car and started to yell why i did not want to buy the meat after i told them if they dont leave i will have to use deadly force and call the poliece they proclamed to get in there car for an extra 2 mins and sit, before they left they said "You sure have a nice house" Then spedd off.


Some loser came to my door on April 15 and conned me into buying 8 sirloing steaks for $25. I grilled two of them tonight and after taking a few bites of the first one, was absolutely disgusted.

The meat didnt taste right and it was mushy and falling apart. Horrible texture. I gave the guy cash so Im sure I wont see any money back. Just wanted to warn everyone.

I ate the meat 30 minutes ago and havent got sick yet but we shall see. Don't buy from Direct USA!


And BUBBA Get a *** Life you ***


Look if its all a big *** scam DONT BUY IT... I mean cmon people 2011 if u skeptical on how the food is and u buy it before you even taste it thats YOUR decision, so dont go blamin salesman, their tring to feed their families, blame the corporation, so *** off you slacks learn a lesson and dont buy somethin that you have no idea wuhat tastes like


Yes, I also got a story about only 2 boxes left. Salesperson kept insisting that my check would not get cashed until the next month.

Of course it got cashed. The meat was really awful and I tried to call the cell number that the person left me... not in service.

Imagine that, he gave me a nonworking number.

The company finally called me after I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I'm trying to spread the word to not buy from this ripoff company


A couple of guys pulled up in front of our house last Saturday night. They gave my husband a hard luck story about needing to get rid of the last box of meat on their truck. Without talking to me, he bought it. I did not want it because our freezer was full of meat I had already purchased that day. My husband tried to call them twice over the weekend and again during the week (Harold 239-362-4227) to request that they return to pick up the meat, and to take the charge off of our credit card. They did not come back, and they did not return his calls. Harold, without permission, signed us up for the every six months delivery. We have canceled that credit card, so it won’t do him any good.

I am very unhappy. I do not want this meat, and have no intention of ever eating this meat. Your company has shoddy customer service, and your representatives are liars and crooks. You can believe that I will be posting this everywhere I can on the Internet, reporting it to the Better Business Bureau, the Florida Department of Consumer Protection, and anyone else I can find who will listen. This is NO WAY to run a business.

An angry citizen


I was accosted by some of these jokers with a Direct USA truck at my home a few years ago. They had a scam in which they claimed they had some leftover meat from a restaurant delivery.

I had already read an article about Direct USA and their suspicious business practices, so I sent them on their way pronto. I still see their trucks on the road occasionally and worry about some poor guy that they'll sucker with crappy meat.

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