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Buy 4 case of meat was promise a freezer, first driver came payed him $220 3 days later the other driver came payed him $250, told me he was going to pick up my meat and would be back by 3:30pm. They Never did show up and call company and they just pass my from one dealer to the next. now have turned them over to BBB and see what happens...Very Nice Painted Vans, but can not say that much for the people that work for them, if they do not even no who the drivers and after l even gave them his phone number...

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $470. The author is overall dissatisfied with Direct Usa and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about sea chicken beef pork cases from Direct Usa was drivers , but reviewer liked meats. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Panama City, Florida, United States #1146097

Well they did come and took the Resices and said, we will give You another Deal, but those drivers did not work for us and we are Sorry...

Keep Calling for me to take there Deal...but No Thanks and Done...


Call me ,lIl personly bring you A frezzer , And could tell me who and ill deal with it,


These are mostly alcoholics and drug addicts that live in hotels or flop houses .(There are a few smart ones that have genuinely made a life selling meat door to door, but mostly scammers) They work for these companies on 100% commission.

The idea is for them to go out and SLAM (as they call it!) as much meat off their trucks as quickly and for as much as they can get, with the incentives of bonuses provided by a branch manager. They actually pay the company they work for around $100 per case. The company buys pallets of these meats from packing houses or brokers for around $50.00 a case. The company charges the drivers credit card fees and truck charges.

They will load up in the morning with around 10 cases , drive out (usually to a small town 50-100 miles from their office) and either knock on doors with stories like , "I deliver to the neighborhood", "I missed a delivery", "So & so couldn't take their order", " My customer died"..Whatever, you get the idea. The meat by the way is represented as being the most tender product available..Their objective is to 'Build the Value'! The meats are packaged pretty, but this is definitely not top of the line! The old meat companies ( I shall not name) actually use to sell 'Utility' meat that was 'needled to death (to break down gristle) and soaked in a solution to 'deteriorate' or 'breakdown' the product to be tender (often turning it to mush).

After nationwide complaints , lawsuits , ect..Many of the 'Outfits' decided to 'Upgrade' (Somewhat!) to Select Grade Beef (next grades would be Choice and then Prime). Select is fine, many grocery stores handle it. The problem with these meat 'Outfits', are the blatant misrepresentation 'tactics' they use. (i.e.

Their excuse for knocking on your door for example..THEY ARE GONNA GIVE YOU A DEAL!!! LOL!) The little round steaks, often wrapped with bacon? Those aren't filet mignon! Carefully spoken , the salesman will say , "Now these are your 'Filets' ".

Technically true, since meat without a bone is a filet. But it is a "SIRLOIN" filet...This is the strongest card in his deck because as he builds value he is going to compare these to Filet Mignons (Often wrapped with bacon!) He/she will often propose the question ( to draw you in). "Ma'am/Sir what would you pay for a good 'Filet' like these in the store in the store? $12-$14 a piece?" ( seeing 8 steaks vacuumed sealed in the box, quickly relates to a value of around $100...JUST FOR THAT BOX!!...HOGWASH.) Their objective is to always relate to portions (cost per piece) ..NOT POUNDS!

Because that big box of meat is eye candy! But actually weighs around 16 lbs...Mostly sirloin and hamburger...all very average grade beef! Meat is sold by the POUND, NOT BY THE PIECE!! If you get it for $80, you'll be alright...But before you can think , they will have you believing it is worth $350 ++.

They will 'CLOSE' you with a beautiful , professional, colored brochure. Showing what they (supposedly) have to turn in to their company today....BUT!! (Wait for it!) If you can 'HELP THEM" 'THEY' (The driver) will give you a DEAL!!

They are quick, cunning and desperate....I know I was one of them...Once, for 15 years...THAT LIFESTYLE....IS NO MAN'S LAND!Don't support it, don't be *** and ....DON"T BE A SUCKER!!

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