We had the same problem last year with steaks we purchased from them. Bad quality. No recourse.

They did take a check, but the number the man left was not answered. The steak was discolored after cooking. In addition it has a odd odor to it. Was just plain awful.

The young man who sold it to us was polite. And to be honest do not think he knew how bad this was.

From that day on I have not bought any food sold door to door. There was two men here yesterday who tried to sell me meat. It did not look good either.

Never again

John in Arizona


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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #877183

Direct USA has never had an office in Las Vegas?

to Steve #1082183

This is simply pathetic and slightly hilarious.Folks "STEVE" is the owner of Direct USA.

He has been at this for the better part of 15 years...He knows the game...And he would like you to believe that because he has no roll-up door garage 'office' locale in Las Vegas, in some beaten off the track industrial park, that it could not possibly be one of his 'hustlers' in Las Vegas. These guys travel folks ..State to state...They get cases of meat to 'pocket' for bonus', traveling from office to office (across state lines)...Wherever and whatever...Steve would like to paint himself as unaware and innocent of any wrong doing...But he started out hustling meat...No soul. Devilishly deceitful.

Scam on Steve.You are the consummate liar.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #675149

II just bought a me from these two guys that came knocking on my door I'm hoping that it's good quality mount a mistake with that I didn't read the reviews in time everyone says that to me is horrible so I got one defrost the right now I will repost as soon as I find out my wife wants me to give it away to the homeless she said she wants the one piece of steak out of the whole box only time will tell

to lucas Columbia, South Carolina, United States #720178

I too bought meat from two men in a truck that said "OCEAN SIX" DO NOT BUY ANY FOOD FROM THEM, IT IS SPOILED.They cashed my check that very same night.

The meat spells like dog ***!!!! I will never buy any food from any person selling door to door, lesson learned!

Wasted money.:(


I have purchased meat from direct usa foods for some time. I did once get some questionable meat that had bad quality and a slight odor. I tried to contact the company, but they refuse to divulge their corporate address and phone number.

Any ideas as to their whereabouts?...


to AALICIA #1082185

31st ct. St. Petersburg, Florida


well first off ive been selling meat for a long while now and ive worked for different meat places only because the other ones have closed down direct usa has been around for longer than any other door to door meat companys in the usa they seem to be doing something right you see only if people would be willing to pay for what they get than you will get what you want good food good price and a great sales man you see i eat the same meat i sell and well its cheaper than what you get at the store and you save money by having it brought to your door i have had good days and bad at my door to door meat sales job .. the bad days were only because i didnt have a good attitude about my work day because people are not in the buying mood there is a saying in my work its not the land its the man and it s true.. if you like to eat good steaks chicken seafood and pork than give direct usa a try they are really good they carry different kinds so everyone in the family gets to eat something different any ways its all good this is from a meat man

to jackpot Columbia, South Carolina, United States #720183

If you work for them then post their phone number, because the meat these two guys sold to me is spoiled and I am upset and feel I got ripped off.No, I know I got ripped off because my husband and I can not eat what we paid for as you put it "a good price for the money" It smells rotten.

I would not feed this meat to my dogs! I would be afraid I would have to take them to the vet afterwards.

I can tell you this much, at this rate this co.will not be in business very long.

to jackpot #1082188

Bless you boy! Blinded by the light.

to jackpot #1082197


LOL!I'm sorry this is it for you ..There really is more to life that convincing yourself ...and the rest of the world that garbage is good to eat....Well unless you just have a taste for garbage.

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