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I had a guy named Russell that came to my house on 1/8/13.He said his boss had a truck full of meat & no room to put it & so he wanted his guys to go door to door to sell it. He kept on pushing me to buy some of his meat & I ended up buying 1 box of 8-6 Oz.of Filet Mignon for $20.00 but instead I got 8-6Oz.of Filet of Sirloin.The meat was tough that you couldn't even chew it.

Russell tried to get me to use a debit, food stamps or a credit card & which I didn't. I paid him in cash and there was no receipt either. They came out of Yorkville, N.Y..I tried to call the company and Russell's cell phone but no answer on either. Russell's cell phone didn't have a voice message either.The company & the people that works for them should be put in jail & pay us our money & then some.

I took pics of the meat, flyer and the box that the meat came in. I'm disabled & on a fix income. I'm really mad about this & something needs to be done about it.

If they tricked me into buying their *** can you imagine what they would do to the elderly.They are real scammers & I didn't think it would ever happen to me. Please tell me what I can do about this problem.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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These are mostly alcoholics and drug addicts that live in hotels or flop houses . (There are a few smart ones that have genuinely made a life selling meat door to door, but mostly scammers) They work for these companies on 100% commission.

The idea is for them to go out and SLAM (as they call it!) as much meat off their trucks as quickly and for as much as they can get, with the incentives of bonuses provided by a branch manager. They actually pay the company they work for around $100 per case. The company buys pallets of these meats from packing houses or brokers fro around $50.00 a case. The company charges the drivers credit card fees and truck charges.

They will load up in the morning with around 10 cases , drive out (usually to a small town 50-100 miles from their office) and either knock on doors with stories like , "I deliver to the neighborhood", "I missed a delivery", "So & so couldn't take their order", " My customer died"..Whatever, you get the idea. The meat by the way is represented as being the most tender product available..Their objective is to 'Build the Value'! The meats are packaged pretty, but this is definitely not top of the line! the old meat companies ( I shall not name) actually use to sell 'Utility' meat that was 'needled to death (to break down gristle) and soaked in a solution to 'deteriorate' or 'breakdown' the product to be tender (often turning it to mush).

After nationwide complaints , lawsuits , ect..Many of the 'Outfits' decided to 'Upgrade" (Somewhat!) to Select Grade Beef ( next grades would be Choice and then Prime). Select is fine, many grocery stores handle it. The problem with the meat 'Outfits' are the blatant misrepresentation 'tactics' they use. ( Their excuse for knocking on your door for example..THEY ARE GONNA GIVE YOU A DEAL!!!

LOL!) The little round steaks, often wrapped with bacon? Those aren't filet mignon! Carefully spoken , the salesman will say , "Now these are your 'Filets' ". Technically , true since meat without a bone is a filet.

But it is a "SIRLOIN" filet...This is the strongest card in his deck because as he builds value he is going to compare these to Filet Mignons (Often wrapped with bacon!) He/she will often propose the question ( to draw you in). "Ma'am/Sir what would you pay for a good 'Filet' like these in the store in the store? $12-$14 a piece?" Their objective is to always relate to portions ( cost per piece) ..NOT POUNDS! Because that big box of meat is eye candy!

But actually weighs around 16 lbs...Mostly sirloin and hamburger...all average grade beef at! Meat is sold by the POUND, NOT BY THE PIECE!! If you get it for $80, you'll be alright...But before you can think , they will have you believing it is worth $350 ++. They will 'CLOSE' you with a beautiful , professional, colored brochure.

Showing what the are (supposedly) having to turn in today....BUT!! If you can 'HELP THEM" 'THEY' (The driver) will give you a deal!!

They are quick, cunning and desperate....I know I was one of them...Once, for 15 years...THAT LIFESTYLE....IS NO MAN'S LAND! Don't support it, don't be *** and ....DON"T BE A SUCKER!!


These guys showed up at my house one time. I lived pretty far off of the beaten path and it wasn't easy to get to my house but they still showed up...and then wouldn't leave!

No matter how many times I told them I wasn't interested they kept trying to sell me, giving me sob stories about over-ordering. I told them I wasn't interested again and again but they wouldn't leave, so I told them I would be right back.

I went inside, grabbed my shotgun, charged back outside and told them they had until the count of ten to get off my property before I started firing. Never saw them again.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #877201

This isn't even the boxes that our product comes in? This isn't even our brochure? You should get your facts correct before you post comments!

to Steve James #1081974

Doesn't matter...Same junk...Different outfit...Your *** Men ( I know you like to call them drivers)..Sell drugs, stolen merchandise and anything else they can while driving around in 'your' trucks smoking *** all day...Why couldn't they have sold this ***? Do your 'boxes' have fillet mignon's in them???? Or is it the same junk..Sirloins , cut to look like a mignon!?...How do you live with yourself, being the ultimate ***?!


I'm glad I did some checking and saw the comments here. I just had a guy come to my door with the same story - extra meat they had to sell.

Luckily, I told him I am a vegetarian and did not buy anything.

I also checked BBB and found a lot of complaints there. Unfortunately, people don't have the time to do this kind of checking when someone comes knocking at their door.


I spoke to Mark Douglas, an investigative reporter from Tampa (the metro area where Direct USA is based) about this company, and it might be worth contacting him to tell your story. His e-mail is mdouglas@wfla.com.

Direct USA is bad news, man.

I have seen them in various places in Tampa, and their sales guys are all scam artists and are really sketchy. I even saw them harass an old couple at a KOA campground, and I asked the security team to kick them out and they did.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #603413

As you probably realize by now, this is an old scam. I have had these guys come to my door a few times over the years with the same, tired old story: we have too much for the truck and need to get rid of some, very cheap or my boss over-ordered and no room, etc.

The most important thing for people to think about is: why would you buy food from someone knocking at your door?

Do you know anything about what kind of food it is? It's condition?

about the guy selling it?

Best to just tell them you are not interested.

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