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2 shady looking characters knocked on my door today, i told them to hold on while i got a shirt on (more like grabbed a pistol and put it on my side). i opened the door and one looked like he had been snorting cocaine all day.

talking 80 mph and stuttering. they started off asking me if i eat meat. they said they were part of direct usa and they were making their deliveries but they had a bunch of meat left over they needed to get rid of because somebody didn't have the money for their order. who orders meat in bulk online without a payment up front???

they had came to my house a week or 2 before at like 8 at night when my wife was home and had company over, and i definitely didnt like that. they asked me if i could open my garage so they meat wasn't in the sun, so i did. they both came in my garage with 2 boxes of steaks and chicken but instead of talking about the meat they were asking me about my motorcycles and looking around my garage trying to see in my door to my house. right there i knew it wasn't right.

i told them i didn't have the money because my mortgage and car payment were coming up. they said they would take a check dated to my next pay day and i said i didn't have any. they kept trying to get me to buy but i finally said look no matter what the price is i don't have the cash so they left. since then i brought one of my motorcycles in the house along with my tools.

it seemed more like they were looking for stuff to steal rather than trying to sell meat. the whole situation has me a little paranoid i guess. i'm no dummy and can smell a scam from a mile away, and after reading all these scam reviews from them i now know my gut feeling about these guys was absolutely right. their costumer service will be getting a very nasty phone call from me in the morning.

i wouldn't recommend anybody buy meat from a door to door salesman. these guys screamed scam and i didn't feel comfortable with them by my house.

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States #877192

Having an opinion of someone and a company without even trying anything? That's a cop out! These guys are just trying to make a living, at least they're out working instead of spreading rumors about something they have no idea about!

to S.James #1082004

Steve, quit trying so hard to defend a company built on lies and deceit. Your trying too hard pal!

Sit back and relax!! You've made millions over the years, navigating your company through the minefields of dissatisfaction. You don't care, so don't pretend you do! As long as there are people with jobs, there will be suckers out there.

P.T. Barnum reminded us of that! C'mon Steve, you've been at this long enough now. You just keep putting those little trucks/vans out there with whoever you can convince to get out there for you and continue to deceive and disappoint.

You'll be alright...You like thinking of yourself as a bigshot!

But when it's over and you can't take it with you, you'll wish you played your cards with a bit more integrity.... By they way...The rumors are catching up ...Keep those lawyers on retainer.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #583202

This particular Direct USA employee is a former US Army Ranger, has a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering from Purdue, dresses in polo shirts and khakis, does 90% of his business through regular customers and referrals, and YES, probably earns THREE times what this uninformed sad individual does. Maybe before commenting, he should actually try the food or at least ask the opinion of someone that actually has.

FACT: this company does hundreds or even thousands of transactions daily through many offices nationwide and the only bad press is a select few sad cases as this individual. I'd say that's pretty good!

to tarider Everett, Washington, United States #1082011

Congratulations! You've drank the Kool-Aid!

Simply put, the consumer buys 'YOU'! They identify with you and you with them. I am sure they like you and that is primarily why they buy. The product IS NOT good 'tarider'.

If you really think so...a) You have no idea what quality is ..or..b) You feel in love with 'K' Rations while in the Army.... By they way, thank you for your service. And congratulations on your degree. I'm sure you could put it to good use somewhere.

You'd certainly be providing a better service to humanity with those skills, more so than unloading that junk on the streets...Signed, Former U.S. Navy Seal. ...By the way 'tarider', the Chinese unload millions of dollars worth of toys covered in lead paint into the U.S. daily...Do the few children who encounter this represent the few sad cases when brought to press??

athey're doing pretty good too!....Mr. Ranger SIR!


They didn't want me to think about the price of the meat so instead they looked all around my garage and took a look into my house like they were scoping the place out? Great way to make a sale!

Make the. Ostumer feel like they're about to be robbed next time they leave town!


@meat man. If they make better money it's all going up their noses.

Maybe if they were a little more professional, didn't show up to my house after dark, and didn't look like they were coming down off a 3 month cocaine binge they would have made a sale.

They can have the biggest house in the world but at the end of the day they sell meat to random people knocking door to door. I'll pass.


The deal is they didnt want your stuff they just didnt want you to think about the price they make good money and might have a bigger house then you

to Meat man #1082015

Quit trying so hard. There is nothing notable about what you do or the product your selling.

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