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I cannot comment on the quality of the meat sold by the company; just the salesman. I just received numerous knocks at my door and repeated rings of my doorbell.

I had just put my 2 year old to bed and was feeding my newborn. To get the guy to stop knocking, I answered. He instantly started with his spiel asking if we ate steaks... Really??

at 8:30pm on a week night!??

Out of anger and the fact that my home has been vandalized or burglarized 3 times in the past 6 months...I called the police.

It is actually illegal to solicit after dark! I hope the police pull over this Direct salesman and let him know that!

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Another *** that thinks this way of doing biz is funny!!!??? What are you, 12? Grow up!


I see these douchebags regularly, they ALL suck, their gimmick is ridiculous, the steaks are beyond terrible and YES THEY ARE ON DRUGS!!!! I see first hand that the salesmen and women are incoherent I know they work for pills and other drugs, as well as any trade they THINK they might actually get some money out of, this company and all others of the sort should be EXTERMINATED wiped from existence.

TO my own misfortune a MEAT MAN lives within my confines, I pity the idiots that do work for such companies as I understand EVERYONE has to make a living... But since we are here as PISSED CONSUMERS I am going to say apparently when you do such a hideous job as knocking on doors and soliciting a product that is unsuitable as dog food (and my dogs are very spoiled) its a hard life perhaps they turn to drugs as a consequence of a stressful job, perhaps they are junkies when they find this potential to make the cash they need to survive their daily drug needs. I really dont know nor do I care, spread the word DIRECT USA, FOOD KING, GOURMET GROCERIES and any other door to door meat company is a waste of time, money, and COULD very likely make you sick. Truth is regular people buy food, and though it may SOUND like a deal, its disgusting and why is it they are trying to reach a bonus EVERYDAY or had a cancelled order EVERYDAY, ask yourself WHY IS IT such a great deal...

The story is pathetic, the guys are going to take your money and buy drugs, family and friends of EVERYONE who works for these companies SUFFER because consumers keep "helping" drug addicts get their bonus which from my experience is not a company bonus at all but a means to collect the drugs they are reliant upon to get through the day! SO *** YOU DER-LICT USA eat *** FOOD KING, and Gourmet Groceries can all find a rehab to push your *** products on the rest of the world JUST SAY NO!!!!!

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