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I bought 6 boxes of chicken & shrimp all mixed cause i didnt want the whole pack,,while i was paying one guy the other guy put meat in fridge and said we will get rid of boxes...i paid over $200 and when they left i looked in my fridge and all i had was 27 pieces of chicken????? they didnt give me a receipt or a card!!!!

it was very good chicken but not at that price!!! thats a shame that they rip people off like that!!

sad thing is trusted them with all my heart!! errrrrr really pissed

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I used to work for this company and you guys are right on in your opinion of this company.

When you're hired they actually teach you how to lie and use the brochure to sell the product. As far as the meat,all I know is that it is shipped in on a big truck then stored in a freezer.

As for the people, well most are ex-fellons, drug dealers, drug users,

losers and all are *** artists because they will tell you up front that this job is not for everybody. I quit after 1 week of working with these greedy creeps.

I think the whole thing might be mob related. Just keeping it real!!!!

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