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Well, I should of known, when the pick up truck pulled up to my house. First I thought yard men, but alas selling food door to door. OK, I was foolish enough to buy it. A box of assorted steaks, at $162.00. I was thinking maybe they'll be like Omaha Steaks. The only thing alike they had was by the time I lifted up my head, my helpful sales person Rob (no pun intended) was barreling down the street as if to catch a flight to Omaha.

I tried out USA Direct's filet mignon! Opening the packet I could see that the steak is soaked in a watery solution. This can be remedied by wrapping the beef in paper towels for a few hours. But, this filet need more, much more.

The filet mignon was pan sautéed, then finished in the oven, just salted a little bit, because I could smell the brine solution.

The Taste, eeeecccccchhh just under OK. don't buy from them Costco is mush better, and no Rob's

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #877189

Miami is a long way from Daytona beach or St Petersburg? Are you sure it was Direct USA?

to Steve #1082027

Oh desperate Steve! Again trying to uphold the quality that simply doesn't exist in his world.

Your 'boys' call them 'ROAD TRIPS' Steven! They have to go on them because your on every neighborhood 'watchlist' for scam artists and hucksters (especially) in Florida. You have to continually 'hook' unsuspecting individuals who think they are actually applying for a delivery/ driving position to keep saturating your products on the streets. Soon they get sick of the cops being called on them, insults hurled and the disillusionment of broken dreams that they leave to legitimately support themselves and their families.

Only the drug addicts, hucksters and ex-cons continue to ride it out with you...There are some who are soulless like you.

Scam on!

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #877187

I'm not sure how this person bought food from Direct USA if they live in Miami? Daytona beach is the closest office to Miami?

Must be someone else using our brochures?

Maybe USA CHOICE out of Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

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