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We actually did receive a full refund of our purchase and didn\'t have a receipt! I was and still am in shock. I would never recommend anyone do business with Direct USA - the meat is very inferior in quality.

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In Dec. 2011 a guy stopped trying to sell "extra meat" he had on his truck. Unfortunately I allowed him in the house, called my husband in and after lots of 'reductions' in the price I agreed to buy a box of steaks and hamburgers. The first ones we ate were peppercorn strip steaks and they were actually decent. The hamburgers are good too. However - the so called filets were the toughest and oddest tasting I've ever had and the Kansas City T-bones are nearly inedible.

Trying to get a replacement or refund has proved impossible. Got a call after complaining, was told they would call back the next day to let us know when they would be there 'by the end of the week'. I guess it's not the end of 3 weeks ago yet. Yesterday got a call saying they would be here today - just got off the phone and was told tomorrow but we would have to meet them half way because they 'don't deliver in this area' - hmmm, how did we get the meat to begin with then???

As I was typing this, I got a call back that we will get a check for a full refund, we can eat the meat, throw it out, or cook it for the dogs. We'll see. I don't have much faith that a check will be in my mailbox any time soon.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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I know sometimes people don't get what they expect but by no means was the meat I ever bought from them inedible! Maybe it was the cow that your meat came from. All of the products I have bought from them were ok [the fish wasn't up to spec but then again I like fresh fish ]The guy that stops at my house is very nice.I asked him to stop by every month and he does.


Thats the same line of bogus that the salesman used on me! I am also supposed to get a full refund tomm evening.

The guy told me it was a 26 1/3lb box, turned out to be 15.8lb! :( :( :(


All I know if that the last time we prepared filets, there was a very gristly part in the middle of one. I would just like to throw them all out, but hubby says differently. If we hadn't received the refund, I'd still be ***!


oops - forgot to say that the sales creep is now in jail for burglarizing houses he had delivered meat to in this area. Nice, huh?

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